The Head Honcho.
Hugo Ludik 

Being in the industry for close on 20 years makes Hugo really really OLD... But his passion for music keeps him young at heart. As the founding member of the esteemed group ADAM, and with a wealth of experience behind him, Hugo has written and produced multiple radio hits for some of South Africas biggest artists.

Dr Cowbell - Brendan Campbell.

The Dr has been producing music from the tender age of  8 months old. As a founding member of SA bands Rubber Duc and Posduif, Brendan has worked with many artists both locally and abroad. His unique style of digital production coupled with acoustic recording techniques makes the Dr very dangerous in the studio.

The Uncle - Nick Jordaan.

As the senior statesmen of the Muse team, Nick has been writing hits and performing across the globe for a little over 16 years. He is a founding member of Rubber Duc and Posduif and has multiple NO.1 hits in his back pocket. His ability to conceptualize and write in both English and Afrikaans is a great addition to the team.

The Tea Lady - Amiel Gopal.

The magician in the studio kitchenette has studied the ancient art of instant coffee making and can tell you the difference between Ricoffy and Jacobs in a matter of milliseconds. The "Barrista" also plays a mean bass and has a finely tuned ear. Amiel is the go to for any A&R input regarding production and mixes, and is our point guy when it comes to all things regarding communication and operations here at Muse Studios. Liaising over a cuppa is his forte.

The Intern - Emil Paul.

A multi-talented MOFO, contestant on The Voice SA 2019, an audio production student, photographer, singer-songwriter, and an all round nice guy - Watch this space.
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