Recording Experience.

The Recording Booth has been set up and treated to bring out the best performances. With amazing isolation, self-monitoring solution &  some of the best microphones and preamps around.

- Steven Slate VMS ML-1 microphone
- Steven Slate VMS ONE Ultra linear microphone preamp
- Blue Woodpecker Active ribbon condensor
- Shure SM7B  -  SM57  -  Beta52 -  SM81  - 
- Rode NT1A  -  NT2A Stereo Match Pair  - 
- AKG P120

All processed through the mighty Metric Halo LIO-8.

Listening Experience.

The Control Room is a chambered and treated space to create an exhilarating reference experience. 
With multiple 2.0 stereo monitor options :
- PMC Result6 Active nearfield monitors. 
- Yamaha HS8 Active studio monitors.
- Avantone Pro MixCube Active mini reference monitors.

These coupled with industry-leading A to D conversion of the Metric Halo brings an amazing quality and transparency to referencing a mix or master.


Logic Pro is the digital audio workstation (DAW) and MIDI sequencer software we use at Muse Studios.  From songwriting to mixing, editing to mastering, and partnered with all the additional VSTs, we have found Logic Pro to be one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal.

Huge library of VSTs.

From VST creators such as :
- Native Instruments KOMPLETE - Waves - Wavesfactory - Slate Digital - LiquidSonics - PSPauidware - Steven Slate -                - Kush Audio - FabFilter - Kilohearts - iZotope - Flux - Eiosis - Boz Digital Labs - D16 Group Audio Software - Eiosis -                     - MeterPlugs - Oeksound - Output - Overload - Sonnox - Soundtheory - Soundtoys - Tokyo Dawn Labs - Voxego -                        - Infected Mushroom -  BBC Spitfire - Sonic Academy -


Based in the centre of a boomed off residential area, monitored by a 24-hour security company, and surveilled by CCTV establishing a safe and relaxed environment to get creative.

Other Equipment.

With a collection of instruments to be proud of, ranging from Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitars - from the biggest brands across the world. Live Percussion instruments including Full Drum kits, a monster collection of different snares as well as Latin and African percussion. And with access to some of the greatest Pianos, Synthesizers, and Organs through an array of MIDI controllers and a vast library of instruments imaginable, no soundscape is out of reach.

Power Proof.

Loadshedding's got nothing on us. Fitted with a 10kVA silent generator running through an uninterrupted power supply (UPS), we are equipped with perfectly conditioned power 24/7.
© 2021 Muse Studios
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