The foundation of any audible magic starts with a quality recording. From capturing a spoken voice for audiobooks to radio-hit pop songs, we do it all! Vocals, instruments, speech, and everything in between.


A collective of seasoned and accomplished radio-charting songwriters who have had commercial success over the past two decades are waiting to put ink to paper with you and your creative.


Aiming to create innovative content with the latest studio technology.
Complete productions are done here. Our in-house producers are versatile and experienced across all platforms and mediums.


Like all good things made great, the perfect balance of all your creative components is where adding the "secret sauce" lies. Thanks to world-class equipment, fascilities and experienced engineers, we've got some "sauce". 


The sweetness at the end of our creative journey, where we hear everything in perfect balance, come together in the mastering process. We work alongside heavy-hitters, both local and abroad.

The Whole Nine Yards.

There is no blueprint for success in the music industry, but there are a few key handles needed to either launch or maintain a successful music career. If you're looking to set up shop and learn the trade,      we've got you.

Our catalogue.

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